Age of Despair

Session #34

The Archon Rounds on Keth and in what might be elvish, resoundingly calls him out in a very displeased tone. Most of us do not understand of what he speaks, but we do gather that he is decidedly put out. Coy breaks in with a few words, and the Archon departs. We ask of our brothers in arms what distressed the Archon so. Coy tells us that it fell upon him to act as Keth’s morality, as Keth seems to have misplaced his, this is what angered the Archon so. Cilka casts us all a look of self-satisfied vindication.

Coy says there is battle in the distance, wizards may be working to dispel fire. We make our way through the alleys of the city, remaining somewhat mindful of the need for stealth, but making what haste we may.

Bodies litter the ground both in Chalcedonian garb and the garb of the watch. There are a few mixed in with a star patterned tabard we have not seen before. The stars are in the form of the trinity, we assume by the pattern that they are of the goddess and so would also be allies of ours.

We pass a building ablaze, lighting a wave of water that pushes its way through the doors and windows. The water turns a corner and progresses on, it must be being directed by some elemental force.

The city has been hard pressed, as we pass we see signs of days dead fire that has spent its wrath. The streets are lined with buildings only half standing, everything is coated in a layer of thick black ash. Sounds are deadened, as if the city were covered in a newly fallen snow, but this is a dark snow born of fire, ash, and blood.

We peer through an alley, a bright light spans the area before us cutting a divide between two opposing forces. We are well behind a line of skeletons and the like on the left and humans from Chalcedon on the right, they face off with a small mob of bedraggled humans wearing the remains city guard colors standing ready on the far side of the line of bright light.

Dom takes advantage of his orcish visage, to peak around the corner and report back what he sees. Keth using his description, bows his head in concentration, and a swath of tentacles springs up amongst the chalcedonians, throwing them into chaos. We make our standard preparations (buff up, buff up, they hate that!) and move into position behind the tentacled chalcedonians. Two of the undead have an evil glow to them, one turns and begins to move toward us.

The human defenders are hewn down, losing half their number in the first clash of arms. A wave of skeletal creatures circles us, I look toward the city guard despairingly over the bone white skulls of the enemy blocking us from their aid. Gertie runs toward them, skirting along the edge of the skeletons trying not to engage them as she races to aid the harried gaurd. We see a familiar banner waving amongst the line of the city’s defenders, it is Gertie’s father and his company that is threatened, adding another layer of desperation to the already hopeless situation.

Cilka cries out and from her out turned hands, a massive ball of fire shoots clear, bursting through the skeletons, decimating their number by well more than half. Cilka’s gleefull shout rings out in the aftermath, we may be able to save them yet.

My path, now cleared by the fireball, I ready myself to race to the aid of Gertie’s father and the city guard he is leading. Two of the skeletons are better equipped, we assume they are the leaders. One has moved toward us, while the other splits off the harry the city guard further. The one facing us shimmers in an evil glow, in its place we now face a monster twice the size with a gaping, tooth filled maw where its face should be.

I hear Keth’s chanting come to a crescendo behind me and a portal opens above the struggling skeletons, the figure that emerges glows with a glittery white light, hovering wingless above the strife. She is humanoid in nature, looking similar to our companion, Coy. She streaks off above our heads toward the backs of the Chalcedonians facing off with the city guard. I hear shrieks pierce the air as she clashes with the enemy.

Now that the sparkling lady has flown to Gertie’s aid, I decide to take aim at the skeleton closest to me, I must protect our casters. We’ll finish these off and move en mass toward the rest, clearing the way as we go. Dom’s knives flash, taking two down.

I have three lined up all nice in front of me, the large toothy monster has moved off toward the shrieking, I think the flying lady may have gone after their magic slinger. I swing, cleaving through all three, alas only killing the first, but all are looking the worse for wear. Two more are lined up on either side of Dom, I watch, screaming in helpless fury as Dom collapses beneath their blows.

I take vengeance on the two still threatening Dom’s prone form, he is down, but doesn’t look too bad off. I finish off the last of the first wave and find myself in a short lull. I turn, taking precious moments to asses. My companions are facing the female caster who is holding her own against them all. I cannot reach them and have any affect, so I chose to sprint to the closer one facing a conjured badger, which will then line me up nicely to go after the female mage, or would have if I’d been able to swing true. Gertie smites her and she falls, somehow even the best laid plans never seem to work as you expect.

Many of our number are down, but none critically so. Keth kneels before the elf he summoned, laying his hands upon her and chanting his healing spells. Once she awakes, Keth directs her to heal Alaric which she is able to do just before she is called home.

Coy climbs to a high vantage point to assess the state of the city’s defenses. We decide to head toward where they are bringing the wounded to see what help we can offer, but first Alaric gathers us close to channel a still much needed healing spell.

Albertus and Keth confer while Hendrick thanks us for our timely assistance. Cilka searches the female mage, she recognizes the her as Elsbeta. An unbidden shout of relief and exaltation meets her announcement, the evil dragon lady will plague us no more.

July 25th

A surprising number of the city’s defenses are still standing, though their integrity is questionable. The army is moving off, while the rest of the town still reels in the aftermath. We send word with the forces that the siege is broken, the general is dead, and we suggest they go to Achau.

Alaric, Gertie and I go to fetch the horses.

While we are working hard at collecting the wayward animals, Coy finds a covered over entrance to catacombs under the outline of the old church, there is nothing of note there, no underground alter desecrated or otherwise, and no roaming undead. Keth and Cilka discuss some arcane concerns, I am satisfied as it did not come to blows.

We realize that nobody took the time to search Elsbeta’s body. They speak of something about a circlet that might hold some important place in all of this, I care not as long as the evil witch is truly dead and gone.

July 26th

Cilka and Keth take the tongue and book to Albertus, ending (hopefully) one of the sources of strife in our band.

We plan to leave as soon as we are re-provisioned and make copies of the battle plans we stole from the general’s tent. We’ll head south, continuing our journey to the Threshhold.

Coy and Dom take advantage of some of this time to search the abandoned enemy camp for anything of interest that might be found.

Cilka returns from the meeting with Albertus with a leather papers satchel filled with vellum scraps covered in writing of unknown origin, she seems excited to have these in her possession, you’d think it a nice new sword or pretty dress from how she’s going on about them.


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