Blinded Crone, Lady of Celke


Lady of Celke, ancient human woman.

Resides in tower at Celke (that has no obvious doors).

Tiny and frail, Kunigunde estimated that she might have been more than 90 years old. Kallisto was blinded many years, by some form of attack that burned her eyesockets bare. While weak and elderly, she appeared to be otherwise healthy.


Kallisto’s Story -

“It happened that many years ago, I was handmaiden to the Empress, a part of the great Emperor’s court. A pair of travelers arrived in the court, full of flatteries and compliments for the Emperor, telling him that he was the greatest of men, and that he should be the one to unite all men under one empire again – that he was the man who could bring order to our world once more.

“I did not trust these men, as they were foreigners and seemed to have other motives than the words they spoke. I spied upon them and found that they did not care about the Emperor’s rule or our people, or even the order of the world, they merely wished to embark with the Emperor for Umbria, that they might seek their own goals. Yet the Emperor was much taken with their praises and worship.

“I sought out my mistress and told her of my fears, begging her to turn her husband from this great enterprise, before it ended in tragedy. She feared that she would not have enough influence herself, and so sought the help of the Emperor’s beloved first son Heron (who was so beautiful that his name meant ‘Light’). Together they conspired on arguments to steer the Emperor away from his plans for an expedition.

“But the travelers saw the workings against them, and so convinced the Emperor that his lady betrayed her oath of fidelity with his son. The Emperor flew into such a rage that he ordered his own most treasured son killed for these sins. The Empress, so overwhelmed with grief at the mounting disaster killed herself, that she would not see the future. And I, for my part in opposing them, was taken by the travelers. Their laws would not permit them to kill me, but they left me blind and accursed, so that I had to flee my own home to these cold, wet hills.

“And so I fled my home, and the travelers worked their foul machinations on the Emperor and he gathered his army for this great expedition. And so it is that we live in this terrible world, with our skies made dark.”


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