Info: Pytheas' Travels To World's Edge


Written entirely in an ancient language, it is not readily decipherable – for those who have fluency in Knossos, the language is similar but difficult to parse out. The scroll itself is terribly fragile and unrolling it may destroy it or render it illegible.

The title of the scroll is “Along the Ocean” and the author’s name is Pytheas, who claims to have been an explorer from Ilios, who traveled the Internum Sea and lands to the north for years, on behalf of his king Laomedon. Key points of his travels:

The scroll starts with a description of fair Ilios, the huge city that is ‘the center of the world.’

Isle of the Cyclops
In the Internum Sea, Pytheas landed on an island with terrible one-eyed giants. Some of the crew were lost, but they were able to drive off the beast who attacked them with flaming brands.

Maelstrom Gate
On the western edge of the Internum Sea is raging maelstrom of water that rushes out to the greater ocean, it is bounded on either side by great mountains that watch over the gate and those who pass through it.

The home of the Pontus, a rich and deep kingdom inside the greatest mountains of the world.

White Cliffs of Albion
Tall white chalky cliffs that face across the sea channel from the northern shores of the Arelan coast.

A great northern peninsula of land, frozen over with ice and inhabited by fell beasts and demons. In that far northern space, there is a great temple established by Larani’s servants to her glory. The temple is a great structure of crystal and stone that reflects the beauty and perfection of creation.

The Edge
The great crumbling cliff at the northernmost point of the world, where the stars have fallen from the sky and the land falls off into the Abyss.


A scroll originally held by brother Engel of the Order of the Star. This was a keepsake of his family’s discovered in a sealed urn in old ruins near their home.

Info: Pytheas' Travels To World's Edge

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