Info: History of Ilios


heavy book, written in old Ilian text. With 1 point spent into linguistics, you can read this text.


The first great state of Men was founded around the city of Ilios. The city was a crossroads of trade and commerce, and became known as “the center of the world.” The city prospered for many years, and although there were inequities and cruelties, it was a state where most were able to live in peace.

During this age it is said that access between the world and other realms was easier to affect – many mages at this time became summoners who brought outsiders to the world to advise or serve them.  A group of mages calling themselves the Cabal summoned a great army of demons to conquer Ilios. Although the army suffered initial defeats and was hard to control, the Cabal eventually raised such a horde that the limited troops of Ilios’s noble houses could not hope to stand against them.

Many of the citizens had fled in terror before the invaders but those who remained were trapped by the horde as it swarmed around the walls and the surroundings. The Cabal demanded the surrender of the city’s lords, but received a different answer.

No witnesses could be found who could recall exactly what happened at that terrible dawn, but the results were awesome and terrifying. The city of Ilios was obliterated from the surface of the world, and the great demonic horde was nearly destroyed as well. survivors (men and others) were scattered from the destruction, broken in mind and body. Thus, thegreat city of Ilios fell, it’s like never to be seen again.

One thing is known about the Break as it is sometimes called – whatever energies and power were released at that moment nearly severed the connection from earth to the outsider realms. Summoners and necromancers found the sources of the power broken, their know,edge now useless. Priests too say that now they must work much harder to make a connection with the gods.

Info: History of Ilios

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