Info: Ancient Texts (blood money from Alburtus)


Not really a book but the tattered remnants of numerous vellum sheets that have been flattened and barely preserved over centuries. The notes are written in script that seems impossible to decipher – it bears a little resemblance to Knossos.


The chronicle appears to be notes about the city of Ilios, specifically notes about the administration and rule over the city by a triumvirate of mages. The notes are scattered and jump around in dates and subjects, they are clearly missing large portions of text.

Administration notes
Many of the sheets refer to monthly or annual reports on taxation or legal administration.

There are no direct references to churches or religious services, but there are many references to ‘servants and messengers of the gods’ who bring gifts and rewards to the people of Ilios, and bear back offerings to their masters. Visitations of this sort appear to be the occasion of great celebration.

The Triumvirate
References are made to the names of several of the triumvirate members – Aeronwyn and Trahaearn, as well as what they consider the source of their power, ‘The stone of kings’ that was hidden on a mountain peak away from the city and grasping hands.

Assault by the Demonic Army
There are only a few notes regarding the attacks that ended Ilios – references to a great host of demons coming from the East. They were led by mages of some sort that seemingly could barely control the horde. The first of these notes shows that the chronicler does not believe the initial estimate of an army of 100,000 coming for the city.

Last Stand
The last note in the file of scraps is a summary of arguments between members of the triumvirate about what to do with the city besieged. Many of the residents have fled north and west and there are no longer enough men to hold the walls or block the gates for more than a day or two. The final decision is to ‘release the power of the stone’

Info: Ancient Texts (blood money from Alburtus)

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