Divine Record


Mystic scroll that is legible to anyone (literate or not). The contents of the scroll can be gathered after 12 hours of concentrated effort.


When the world was born during the Age of Creation, there were three gods – Larani, Jairidan, and the Dark Lady. From the beginning, Larani and the Dark Lady fought over the world, and their struggles shaped the land and the sea. Jairidan recorded the history of the world and their wars. Finally, the gods agreed to a truce,  Larani and her foe agreed to never walk the Earth again, resolving to use other means to influence the world.

Larani gave birth to four children that would help support and guide the young races of mortals that were only just awakening. Two of her children would hew closely to her own spirit, forming a trinity of spirits, guiding mortals with the principles of honor, glory, justice and law. Her other two children were twins of chaos, embodying the positive and negative traits of freedom and boundless energy.

The Dark Lady did not give birth to divine children, but instead sowed her brood into the Earth, where her children have slept for millennia, occasionally awaking to serve her whims by causing fear, destruction, and death.

The Pantheon
Larani- Mother of the gods and guardian of life (glory, nobility, good) – spear
Chief among the gods, Larani brought the code of nobility and order to mortals. By opposing the evil of the Dark Lady, she provides an example for nobility of how evil and injustice must be fought.

Peoni – Mistress of the fields, bringer of mercy (healing, community, plant) – sheaf of wheat
Peoni is the salvation of the common folk, the one who makes the crops ready for harvest and who binds communities together. She was the most beloved of the gods and her blessings were sought by serfs across the world.

Istus – arbiter of justice (law, protection, sun) – scales
The harsh judge of mortals, Istus is known to be exacting and scrupulous in his judgements. His worshippers claim to be shielded by the strength of their faith. He is associated with the precise daily rhythms of the sun.

Merilar – the Muse, the Unchained (trickery, liberation, charm, luck) – harp
Celebrating life, creation, and art, Merilar grants inspiration to bards and artists. She embraces freedom and rejects imprisonment, law and rules.

Kord – the Whirlwind, Master of Storms (strength, weather, chaos) – sword
Brawny, powerful and unpredictable, Kord is worshipped by those who value strength and power over control and thought. His intercessions have been sought to bring rain in droughts, or to avert great storms at sea.

Jairidan – the Silent Judge, the Historian (knowledge, magic) – scroll
Quiet and contemplative, Jairidan is said to observe and record every event that happens in every part of the world. He is worshipped by sages, scholars, and other seekers of knowledge.

Dark Lady – (dragon, evil, death (black), war (red), deception (green), tyranny (white), destruction(blue)) – star
The legacy of the Dark Lady is a line of destruction, war and terror. She is only worshipped by those who seek power without restraint or conscience. 


A cleric of one god of the Trinity can choose their second domain from any of the Trinity gods.

Worship Practices

Worship of the old gods (pre-Cataclysm) was centered on honoring the high Trinity of gods – Larani, Peoni, Istus. The gods were generally worshipped in formal churches or cathedrals the layout was commonly cruciform – the three ‘upper’ points of the cross symbolizing the gods of the Trinity.  It is not uncommon for people to worship different gods when they feel they need particular help.

The Twins are sometimes worshipped together in seperate chapels, and sometimes worshipped as individuals by devotees of particular disciplines.  Jaridian was rarely worshipped – most commonfolk would never have heard of him.  Some scholars venerated Jaridian as an observer / teacher.

Divine Record

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