Info: Personal Journal of Duke Ranulf of Sedlec

Logbook recovered from desk in castle at Sedlec. Personal journal of Duke Ranulf of Sedlec.


Month by month notes about administration of the city and the keep, whoever did the writing has terrible handwriting. Mostly filled with figures and notes (badly organized) about debts, taxes and purchases. Notes and asides are filled in on random pages (mostly about things the author found relevant). The dates are chronological, and is mainly one page a month. The earliest pages are from October 286.

Disturbance in Martin’s Square
There is a written note from January of 287, regarding a disturbance followed by a serious fight between some of the merchant houses in Martin’s Square. A storehouse was broken into and items of great value were reported stolen, but the merchant, Markus Gravois was unwilling to discuss the actual nature of the items. Guardsmen for Gravois’s storehouse and the Klein merchant house injured each other, but the matter was settled between the parties without further intervention of the watch. Gravois was warned again that he may not wantonly accuse citizens of the city, or attack their holds without let from the leaders of the city.

Gripes about Passau
The author (presumably the Duke) wastes a half page in after June of 288 complaints about his current taxes due to Passau, discussing what better use the money might be put to, and discussing seditious ideas.

Weird Events at the Cathedral
The old cathedral standing north of the town square has been mostly abandoned, but the graveyard is still used there by some families. A cry was set up on August 16, 289 that several crypts had been opened and robbed during the night. As the families involved were of considerable influence, a thorough search was performed – no sign of the valuables or the remains can be found. Restitution must be found from the ducal treasury.

Foul Dreams
Sometime around September or October of 290, the author complains about the terrible dreams that have plagued his nights for more than a month. He now finds them compounded by headaches that “steal his attention” and “threaten to drive him mad.” The duchess Jutta has offered the services of her favorite Chemist to solve these problems.

A New Advisor
No notes are recorded (only financial records) for about 8 months, but in June of 291, the author mentions that his foul temperament has been largely cleared by following a new diet and period of contemplation recommended by his new advisor, an elvish scholar calling himself Ifans. They meet infrequently, but the author finds his words helpful. The author spends a little time considering the scholar’s warning of great trials coming, but is heartened that Ifans has said that he is proving to be a leader of great strength.

Plague Outbreak
In the summer of 292, a great plague has broken out within the city, something the chemists and doctors in the city do not seem to be able to fix. The author is desperately seeking advice from Ifans, but the duchess is firmly opposed to this source of advice.

Last Note
Written in August of 292, the writing appears to be in the same hand, but strangely methodical and controlled. It says simply – “I have decided to take Ifans’ advice in all things.”


Info: Personal Journal of Duke Ranulf of Sedlec

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