Info: Journal from Basilia


A handwritten journal (in Knossos) full of notes, speculation and snippets of information about Basilia, the head cleric of the Dark Lady in Laibach.

Notes about the Dark Lady
A lot of information about the Dark Lady, including details of her domains of power, and the fact that she is sister to Larani. (Details have ben added to the Divine Record item in the wiki).

Speculation on the Threshold
Basilia is convinced that the Threshold stone must still be in Umbria – maybe even still in the old cathedral in the center of the city. The stone, according to legend, is quite large and would be difficult to move without an organized force. Basilia is obsessed with the power of the Threshold – although it is said to have opened a path for communication and power to flow from the divine realm to the mortal one. His thoughts show that he believes that the power of the Threshold could be consumed in one great use to open a physical path, for a being to cross from the mortal to the divine realm (or vice versa).

Expedition to Umbria
Although Basilia was happy with the appointment to lead the rise of the church in Laibach, he was disappointed to not be included in the expedition to Umbria, being led by his distant cousin Diodotus. Basilia expressed great faith in Diodotus’s power and strength.


Info: Journal from Basilia

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