Info: Looted Documents from Chalcedonian Command

Documents stolen from tent in camp


The documents gathered include a long letter, a seres of administrative reports and accounting for supplies, and a map

Administrative Reports
This is an accounting of supplies carried by the army and the supply train for the assault into Bayerisch. There are new drafts requesting additional troops and good quality grain from Chalcedon. The supply train appears to be from Nissus through Siscia to Aachau. There are records of the costs for orcish escorts through the territory and upriver.

The letter is written from the commander, a Lord Clerian, addressed to a minister in the court named Callus Iasites. It is long accounting of the campaign undertaken so far. He lists out a great number of complaints about the campaign so far.

— Ellsebeta, the overall commander is a charismatic leader, but with little “strategic training.” To his mind, she’s too impulsive and unwilling to do the hard logistical work for the campaign. He also finds her religious frenzies ignoble and unbecoming for an aristocrat. Her command of the dragon is terrifying, as is the devotion of her clerics.

— Orcs and Ogres are too wild and impulsive – useless in a controlled assault. Worse, they destroy any ability to have a stable, safely occupied city. Clerian felt lucky that the cities were still standing after the attacks.

— Hill Giants are more controlled under their warlord Gabor, but he demanded more loot than originally agreed upon and their desire to consume captives made them a huge liability. Clerian no longer wanted to have his troops operate in the same area as the non-humans.

— The overall strategy of the campaign was stupidly planned. Why go to Laibach at all? Because of one of Ellsebeta’s fantasies. Sedlec provided more troops, but the most disturbing and terrifying sort. Why not just advance straight onto Aachau, and then onto Passau?

— Passau was to be his new holding as a reward for service. He was furious about Ellsebeta’s use of dragons on “his” city and insisted on a plan that diverted the most destructive troops toward the external defenses while he used trusted troops in the city proper.

— Clerian felt that his only ally in the leadership was Florian, the wizard and scholar.


Info: Looted Documents from Chalcedonian Command

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