Info: Ellsebeta's Missive to Hywelledd

Formal Diplomatic Document


A high quality vellum scroll, kept in a waxed hide envelope. The scroll is meticulously written out in precise Knossos calligraphy. The scroll itself is signed with a formal name and a gold wax seal imprinted with a red dragon’s form.


15 November 298

Unto the great scholar called Hywelledd, Ellsebeta of House Chryselios sends this missive.

Although it has been many years since my family provided you a hearth and home in our fair city, I presume that you remember your time there, and the promises made between you and my family. Rest assured that we have not forgotten those bonds and the time for them to be honored has come due. As I write this correspondence, I travel northward, to restore the Allemannic lands under Imperial sovereignty. The knowledge you gathered during your time in Chalcedon, and whatever strange workings you have done in the years hence are a part of that plan and you are called to join with me for as long as it takes to complete my work. I would have your answer as to how soon you would be ready to support my force, and what forces of your own you will bring to the fight.

As you have failed to answer previous missives from myself and my liege, it may be that you feel you can safely ignore this request and keep about your own business. You should know that I will soon have the Circlet of Kayliss in my possession — if you will not willingly serve me, your service will be compelled until I believe you have satisfied your debt to my family.

I would have your answer with haste -

Ellsebeta Chryselios

Info: Ellsebeta's Missive to Hywelledd

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