Info: Tobiaz's Journal


I keep these notes not as a log of my days, but as a record of the Conclave, things witnessed or heard of that I may never forget who and what we are.

Hywelledd run off from Beleuchtung
Some forty-five or so years ago, the previous headmaster of the Beleuchtung was run out of Aachau by the other teachers of the Beleuchtung after they discovered that he was performing necromantic experiments on random abducted people in Aachau and even an apprentice of the guild.

Khazrae’s Head
Hywelledd never told where the head of the demon came from, but he clearly enjoyed tormenting it when he wasn’t consulting it for advice and information.

Conclave factions
There are several informal factions within the Conclave that Tobiaz has identified – groups that are looking for lost information about the world. These factions are loose and membership or direction may shift at any time.

  • Seeking the Quintessence Regia - an artifact that some believe is the source of arcane power in the world, others believe it is a substance that would allow the bearer to transmute any matter freely from one state to another.
  • Historic Events - what events have made it hard for the Gods to contact the world? Or for conjurors and necromancers to draw on their power?
  • Political Power - although the Conclave formally has renounced political goals, some mages believe that it would be best for all if the smartest and wisest were to influence the course of kingdoms.
  • Personal Growth - almost all members of the Conclave are dedicated to increasing their own skill and power, but some use the Conclave solely to trade knowledge, spells and artifacts for their own persoanl gain.

Political machinations with Bindermittel
Albertus Rosisager of the Bindermittel has been trying to get information on Hywelledd – first at a Conclave gathering, and then through direct visitation to the Beleuchtung. Tobiza does not trust his intentions or his interest in the past master.

Trouble with the Conclave in general
Past notes on the Conclave show that decades ago, the leaders of the Conclave did more to organize the gatherings, to share some knowledge and to regulate disputes among members. Recently, in Tobiaz’s experience, there has been little resolution of disputes and an increase in cliques and factions.

Conclave Ordeal
10 years ago in order to achieve induction to the 3rd Circle of the Conclave, Tobiaz was subjected to a test of knowledge, strength and willpower. During the test he was forced to craft a servant out of his own blood and clay – the effort nearly killed him but he gained a loyal servant and was granted a manual of creation after.

Decline of the Beleuchtung
Tobiaz had more and more conflict with the Conclave after assuming the control of the Beleuchtung. He has been less able to hold onto students and faculty, because rumors of the disapproval of the Conclave have hung over him. Currently, he has only 8 full students and one additional teacher – Wim.


Info: Tobiaz's Journal

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