Age of Despair

Session #2

Run Date 5-29-11

We are currently in the cave after having defeated the mushrooms, most of us have some injuries.
Scrolls Identified – Comprehend Language, Spider Climb, Flaming Sphere
We hear sounds coming up the hallway, Coy takes watch while we try to regroup. Coy signals Jensen that enemies are incoming. We move to defend ourselves against a few orcs and a hobgoblin. After a tight fight at the mouth of the corridor we come away with a master work short sword and a small bag of gold.
We continue down the corridor determining it’s better to push on even though we are all badly wounded than wait and try to recover here without knowing what might come at us. Coy is in the lead as his eyes work best in this dank light. We fight our way through a couple of archers and a spearman to a cavern. The cavern has a few rudimentary huts set up almost like a smallish village. These huts are a mishmash of material and are built up on tree trunk stilts, the cavern has a ledge that runs around the side wall to the right and drops off steeply down about 40 feet to the floor below.
As we circle around the ledge toward the huts, archers appear in holes torn in the hut walls and fire upon us, and spearman move toward us along the ledge. Coy does his growy thing and leads the way into the fray. With great effort and skill (plus 2 crits!) we dispatch the enemy.
Searching the huts turns up nothing but a few silver and gold in the dirty nests left behind by the goblins. Coy takes the most direly injured to the smaller hut down the way, unwraps the statue and starts his healing. This hut is in better shape than the first three, there are a couple of bottles with colored liquid in them and a chest full of gold. The bottle with the muddy colored liquid is a potion of lesser restoration, the nature of the remaining potions eludes us.
Coy works on healing all of us overnight. Jensen seems to have some kind of rapport with the statue, when he is near or touching it the statue behaves like it did when it was on the alter at the old church. By the next day we are all greatly improved, much more than can be attributed to even Coy’s impressive healing skills.
January 18th:
After we rest we continue past the last hut, up a steep rope net ladder to an upper ledge. There are nesting piles and trash scattered around. The smell is repulsive, fetid with a carrion-like rankness. A beast rears up out of one of the trash heaps; it has the head and hands of a goblin, but appears to move on all fours and has the body of a bear. It casts some kind of spell that overcomes my cousin, Jensen, Hamanu and I with a crushing sense of despair. Fighting to overcome the feeling of helplessness and despair I move forward and try to attack it. The monster seems to be shifting, playing tricks with our eyes. Kuni tries to counter the despair, inspiring us with her song and verse.
The Bear Goblin is extremely tough and hard to kill. We finally wound it badly enough that it tries to escape by tearing what looks like a hole in the air creating a slice-like door in nothing leading elsewhere. As it moves to go through the portal it created, we are able to take our last hits upon it, our attacks and another fire attack from Cilka are finally enough to bring the beast down.
One of the other 2 nests in the room starts to move; Jensen, fearing the worst, immediately fires an arrow into it and dispatches what appears to have been a goblin in a living sack. It’s in some kind of horrific in-between phase of goblin/bear monster. This looks like how the bear-like goblins come to be. We destroy the remaining bear goblin sack in horror, almost feeling pity for the poor creature inside.
Searching the rooms turns up nothing else. On the way out of the cavern we search the Hobgoblin and other bodies of the monster we slew the day before. There is nothing much worth taking, the weapon and armor is mostly rusted and worthless. We do find a couple of weapons we might be able to sell.
Once we leave the caves we head east to find a safe place to camp for the rest of the day and overnight. We all need time to recover from our injuries and some of us would like to take the time to read the papers we found in the caves. Coy cautions us against the corrupting dangers of the written word. Cilka offers to dare those dangers and using the comprehend languages scroll, she deciphers the torn pages.
The papers tell of the time of the great war when the Umbrian Empire almost fell. Forming an alliance they turned defeat into victory against Byrsa. They were so successful they took the war across the sea to the capital of Byrsa. Over time they expanded into Illian lands through commerce rather than by arms. Spreading law across the lands they overtook most if not all of the east. The papers continue to detail out the lives and achievements of future Emperors and what impacts they had on the spread of the Umbrian rule. (detailed info available on the website)
The book looks like a log book, it is handwritten by many authors. It looks to be of newer origin based on the language used using newer words. Legio 14 is what it is called, the last timeframe mentioned is about 250-300 years ago, around the time the gods left and it mentions the town of Leiboch, Teirgesta, Siskia and Solona. It contains notes of catastrophic events, earthquakes and talks of being forsaken. It is mostly a log book containing lists of items of worth.
January 19th
After much discussion we decide to divide with Jensen, Coy and Hamanu going to scout the orc camp and the rest of us heading back into town to get supplies and try to spread the word of an imminent orc attack.
We head into town getting the supplies we need first, we pick up a medical kit for Coy and travel rations and sell the weapons we took off the goblins in the cave. Then we head to the tavern, where Kuni spreads word of the orc attack on Cilka in her very special way.
Next game June 12th.

Session #1
Goblins & Mushrooms

it is January 16th:

Kuni is my cousin, we meet up with her in town and I explain all of our adventures to date.

Samo is the Duke

Klemen is the Lord

Gertrude, Gertie (Kathy)

Silca is Jen’s Character

Silca holds the arrow and her eyes go a little distant, she says she can now read the word Peoni on the arrow. She says she might be able to learn more about it when she has more time.

Gertie talks about “the order of the star” they may be able to protect the statue. They are an order that had fallen into disorganization as so many did after the gods left. They are an order of warriors that defend the helpless and the weak. Henric was the leader when they were in service to the gods, they fell apart when the gods abondened the world. There is now a new leader that is arising, Gertie had been planning to find them.

(Jeffo) Dom- (half orc) Says the arrow was not made by orcs, could have been made for orcs.

Silca casts identify item:
The Arrow is an arrow of slaying specifically targeted to one person or group of people and is defined by the runes on it.

The statue does not radiate magic in a way that Silca is used to, it is not an arcane device, but it is magic.

Paulina was the old crone that gave us the statue.

We camp overnight in the woods, on the way to visit the cave Gertie and her brother used when they were children. Her brother was recently slain.


The night passes uneventfully, we wake and continue on. The cave is about 3.5 ours away, as we get closer we smell a campfire.

We come to the mouth of the cave, there is a stench coming from the right inner corner. We proceed into the cave, meeting resistance along the way. We handily dispatch the monsters, Hamanu is fierce in battle and is the most wounded.

The caverns in the cave look to have been store rooms that have been ransacked. This area does not look like it’s been inhabited by the little creeps for long. There is a door that looks to have been wedged shut. Against the advice of Silca, we kick it open and are faced with huge spongy fungus monsters. Our weapons seem to have little effect on them. Silca steps forward and spouts fire from her hands sending searing flames over the three mushrooms. 2 of them are very hurt, the other seems to be a different kind of mushroom, tentacles whip out of the top. This last fungi is viscous and very hard to kill. We manage to overpower it taking many wounds in the process.

Loot from the room with a desk:
A couple of scrolls, some pages from a book, wax tablets, an old ledger book and a tarnished wine chalice with gems on it. 40 GP 60 Silver and 4 carnelians. Hamanu is carrying them for us.

Bandit Pre-Run

Koi- Weaponless elf that randomly heals injured bandits. He is learning common, but does not yet communicate well at all. He keeps to himself outside the camp, but is welcoming and will share fish stew and a cup of tea. He is tall and muscular for an elf at 5’8” with blue eyes and is clothed in what once looked to be good quality silken materials, but is now ragged with wear.

Hamanu- Is a refugee that has temporarily come to rest at the bandit camp, much to his dismay. He carries a Greataxe and tends to be a loner. Dark skin, dark hair.

Right now it is winter, approaching larger new moon.

Vinko is leader of the bandits Carlo was his right hand man until he was killed last year.

Lord Othmar is a person of note in the area. Vinko has lined up a job for the bandits, this could set us up to go through the rest of the winter comfortably.

Ribneeka is the town the lord is from and where we are headed.

In place of Carlo, Vinko has asked us to accompany him on a side trip to his healing spring, he has been ailing with a wasting cough that has been getting progressively worse. Vinko is attempting to keep his affliction hidden from the rest of the bandits.

Once on the road Vinko confesses it is not a spring that heals him, we are heading to an old Crone in a Dell. He is worsening and gives us directions: Follow game trails toward the east, stunted oak with 7 trunks, turn to the south. After further questioning, he says to follow the ridge line to a stream bed to reach the game trail, stay on that stream bed it will lead to the right game trail and watch for the oak, going right there will lead us straight to the Dell.

Booted tracks are along the trail, this looks like a more visited area than we had imagined.

On the way into the Dell the small group runs into four orcs and a wolf.

Callie is severely wounded, but the party prevails. The orc tracks cris-crossed the area, they appeared to be searchig for something. A search of the corpses revealed a small catch of coins, a cheap tin horn, and some ragged armor. The group fashions a litter for Callie and continues on the journey. After several exhausting hours they come upon a clearing with a small comfortable cottage. An old woman answers the door and becomes them in offering help and succour.

The old woman expertly tends their wounds with poultices, while she does this a soothing blue light touches the wounds through her hands and seems to draw the wounds closed. Her home is comfortable and well appointed, with a small artfully created statue of a wrapped wheat bundle. The statue is warm to the touch, the old woman says it knows when it is needed and responds to that need.

A horn sounds in the distance, the orcs have found their trail and will soon be upon them. The old woman hands Koi the statue and asks him to take it to a holy place, the statue must be saved.

Facing hopeless odds Koi turns to his companions and with apologies he confesses to them that he is cursed. He asks for their forgiveness, to trust him and fall into place by his side as he turns away, moving toward the enemy he changes, his body expanding painfully to twice its normal size.

A glowing blue light springs up, blinding the oncoming orcs. The group holds steady and prevails against the initial wave, but more appear at the edge of the clearing. A hidden archer sends an arrow racing toward the old woman, striking her and reducing her to ashes. The arrow is made of a white wood and marked with runes, we recover the arrow and run to escape the oncoming orcs.

Fleeing the orcs we head toward the edge of the snow line to try to hide our trail. Deciding to head toward the city to attempt to puzzle out the mystery the arrow and statue present we wander lost for a few hours before we find our way. The distant sounds of horns pursue us
toward our goal.

After resting we enter the city by the main gate. Making our way to the church we enter it’s old burnt out halls. The center table has holes as if something was once mounted on it’s surface. There is a trap door in the floor behind the alter, hidden under debris. The hinges squeal with protest but grudgingly give way. A dark passageway leads down a short set of stone stairs to a dark dank chamber. We decide to find the Fox and Glove and get some supplies before we explore it any further. We hide the opening and go in search of the tavern.

I head out to market while the rest of the group rests and Koi works on healing Ha’manu. Picking up a few supplies and selling the Falchion we took off the orc.

The next day we explore the church catacomb. The stairs spiral down to a dark corridor that leads to an empty room. There is art on the walls that appears burnt in patches, almost like what was represented burned away leaving the background images intact. Along the base of one of the images there is a line of wheat still visible in the background. This is interesting given the design of the statue we have been entrusted with. The hallway continues on with arches on either side, there are walled up crypts filling the archways. At the end of the hallways is a room with an alter. Then the undead appear. Joy.

There is a quick but furious battle against the skeletons that come upon us. Once they are dealt with we placed the statue on the alter. The muted glow increases to a burning orange and the heat from the statue intensifies. Koi touches the statue and is immediately healed, much more quickly and completely than before. The bones left from the skeletons have turned to dust. Hamanu receives healing from the statue as well. We explore the hall, trying to see if the skeletons came from the crypts that were walled up. It looks like any skeletons that were here have turned to dust.

We explore the church looking for anything else that may have changed since placing the statue on the alter. Koi and Hamuna spend time in the alter room below and are filled with a sense of peace and well being. They heal, and the time I spend near the statue improves my condition as well.

We return to the tavern to speak with Venko and see if we can find my cousin to get some answers about the arrow.

We will search for my cousin and see if she can help us find answers to the questions the arrow leaves us.


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