Character Generation

Character Generation for this game will be different from the standard Pathfinder generation.

Step 1 – Choose a Role

All players will draw a card with the role their character will fill in the campaign. These cards can be swapped between players, but all 8 cards must be taken and the roles fulfilled. (Roles have different criteria that a character could meet in a number of ways – some require skills, some require feats or stats).

Step 2 – Choose a Knack

All characters will have a talent or characteristic from their early life that sets them apart from others. Some knacks are feats (as described in the rulebook), others are described in the list.

Acrobatic (as feat)
Alertness (as feat)
Animal Affinity (as feat)
Athletic (as feat)
Beautiful – stunningly attractive – +2 Diplomacy bonus (for in person checks only)
Deceitful (as feat)
Deft Hands (as feat)
Endurance (as feat)
Fleet (as feat)
Gentle – born of minor nobility, +2 Knowledge – Nobility
Great Fortitude (as feat)
Iron Will (as feat)
Lightning Reflexes (as feat)
Literate – character gains +3 to the Linguistics skill
Magical Aptitude (as feat)
Magical Talent – can cast one Level 1 Sorcerous spell, 1x / day
Nimble Moves (as feat)
Old Book – +3 to Knowledge (Arcana, History, Religion) skill
Persuasive (as feat)
Relic / Heirloom – character starts with an appropriate weapon or item (gift, heirloom or theft)
Rich – double starting cash
Run (as feat)
Self-Sufficient (as feat)
Toughness (as feat)
Traveller – +3 Knowledge – Geography
Ugly – memorably repulsive – +2 Intimidate bonus
Urchin – +2 Scrounge bonus, +2 Diplomacy (for gather information only), 1/2 starting cash

Step 3 – Roll Attributes

It may help to bring lots of d6 for this step. Roll 3d6 for each attribute in order (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha), but track the individual die rolls in addition to the scores. Each player will have 6 additional bonus dice to roll to replace individual dice from any of those rolls – the bonus dice are rolled one at a time and the dice replaced are completely up to the player.
If this sounds exceptionally confusing or complicated, it will be explained in detail at character generation.

Step 4 – Choose Race and Class

Only non-divine classes may be selected (for the purposes of this game, neither rangers nor druids count as divine spell casters). Character classes from the Advanced Players’ Guide will be considered on a case by case basis. The character must be able to fulfill the requirements of their role, based on their choices of class and race.

Step 5 – Select Skills, Feats, and Languages

As per the normal Pathfinder rules for Skills and Feats. Choose languages from this list (No bonus languages for races or class).

Step 6 – Starting Equipment and Cash

Laibach is a poor city, and its residents are mostly poor as well. All characters begin the game with half the normal starting cash (players can choose to roll, or just take the average score).

Step 7 – Naming

Laibach is a city with Germanic / Slavic roots, so either of those naming traditions are appropriate for human residents. See: ,

Step 8 – Post your Character or send to the GM

Please either post your character on the campaign site, or send me a copy of the critical info – stats, skill levels, saves, AC and HP, etc. This will be critically important at the start of the game, when character starting knowledge is being distributed.

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Character Generation

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