Magic is one of the forces that created and defines the world, but the manipulation of magic by mortals is a difficult and dangerous skill to learn. Skilled mages are rare and because their power is so great, their goals are always suspect. Legends are told of the great Ilian War (at the end of the First Age) when a demon army was led against the city of Ilios by a cabal of witch kings. Some consider the destruction of that great city a monument to the inherent danger of mages. There are still rumors of a secret society of mages with nefarious, hidden plans. Although feared by many, mages are still sought after by warlords and nobility for the great power they control. The power of magic is influenced by the moons, but how is not well known.

Mahine (yellow, larger) – Influences Transmutation, Evocation and Abjuration
Celene (blue, smaller) – Influences Divination, Illusion, and Enchantment

Influenced spells are +1 Caster Level when influencing moon is at high sanction or full, -1 Caster Level at new or low sanction. +2 spell levels when both moons are full, -2 when both moons are new.

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