The Forsaking has caused some to rethink whether noble bloodlines were really created separate or above those of common folk – if the gods no longer care for mortals, do they care which mortal rules others?

Yet there is a code of ethics and morality that governs those who truly feel the weight and obligations of nobility. A true noble should deal with others fairly, defend his subjects fiercely and oppose injustices. This high bar of behavior is rarely met outside of romantic tales, but it is the ideal that noble persons should aspire to.

In Carnolia, the lords seem to have forgotten these ideals, if indeed they ever knew them.

Duke Samo – The ruler of Carnolia, he rarely travels outside of his keep at Laibach without a strong escort of men at arms. While Laibach is relatively peaceful, it is a sullen, oppressive peace.

Baron Ekkehardt – Lord of Gorje. Also known as Ekkehardt the Fat – it is rumored that he will only come to Laibach by barge now, as no horse could carry him.

Lord Klemen – Lord of Prebold and Guardian of the western road. Said to be harsh and exacting on soldiers, servants, and wives.

Lord Othmar – Lord of Ribnica. On the rare occasions he’s seen in Laibach, he is sumptuously dressed and free with his money.

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