There are many races in the world, but few of them will be allowed for PCs (at least to start):

Humans – The most populous ‘civilized’ race, humans span the world. User Pathfinder racial template (+2 to one stat)

  • Alamann – One of the more populous races of men, at least in Carniola. Proudly never subjugated by the Umbrian Empire, they range across the lands to the north. Hair ranges from fair to black, complexion runs from pale to olive.
  • Gael – A race conquered or displaced by the empire, they are rare in this area. Hair is generally fair, red or brown; complexion is pale.
  • Ilian – The scattered population of the city of Ilios, Ilians live on every shore of the Internum Sea, and became the driving force of the Umbrian Empire. Complexion ranges from light to olive skin, hair is generally dark and wavy or curlt.
  • Moor – Very rare in Carniola, but they have been seen as part of a Chalcedonian trade caravan. From far to the south (beyond Chalcedon), their complexion will be brown to dark black, hair is tightly curly and black.

Dwarves – Dwarves (or Bellator, as they call themselves) are descendants of the founders of the Umbrian Empire, now scattered throughout the world. Most dwarves are closely tied to their family and their homes, preferring not to roam, but there are many reasons a lone dwarf might be on his own. Use the racial template from Pathfinder for dwarves. (+2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha)

Elves – Roaming on their own, with little to tie them to one place or one group of people, elves make friends easily and are often welcomed for their stories and their charms. They are rarely seen in groups (+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Con) – use the Elf template, but with no additional Weapon Familiarities. Automatically gain +2 Ranks of Knowledge: Geography.

Half-Elf – Half-elves are even more uncommon than elves, but often share their elvish parent’s wanderlust, traveling the world looking for purpose. Use the Pathfinder template (+2 to one stat)

Half-Orc – Half-orcs lead a difficult existence. Many remain members of their orcish tribe, and some are elevated to positions of leadership because of their presumed talents. Some others attempt to strike out on their own, and live among ‘polite society,’ forever trying to bury their more brutish nature. Pathfinder template, but they have Low Light vision, rather than Darkvision (+2 to one stat).

Other Races

Gnolls – Vicious canine humanoids, Gnolls are mostly found in cold northern lands. Gnolls are known to be vicious raiders who savage those who cannot defend themselves. They rarely cooperate with other races, or build anything of their own.

Goblins – Annoying pests in small numbers, large groups of goblins are quite dangerous. They seem to spring up in abandoned places anywhere in the world. As their numbers increase, larger, more vicious goblins are sometimes found.

Melez – Not just a race, the Melez are a seafaring nation of traders, pirates and slavers. The Melez are a mix of half-breeds, outcasts and other, stranger folk – they infest the eastern half of the Internum Sea and raid ashore for slaves and plunder regularly.

Orcs – Strong, tough and aggressive, Orcs are feared by most ‘civilized’ races (although Orcs are generally organized and disciplined enough to be called civilized themselves). Attacks and invasion by Orcish tribes under a single warlord helped speed the collapse of the Umbrian Empire, but the Orcs fell into disunity after his death.

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