Although most of the rules in the campaign will be standard Pathfinder, some changes will exist.

Magic Items – Magic items and weapons will be less common than in a ‘typical’ game. Instead, magic items will increase in power over time.

Fortitude Saves – When a character (including NPCs) take damage in combat, they must make a Fortitude save with a difficulty based on the damage taken. If the save is failed, the character will fall unconscious for a number of rounds based on the number the save was failed by. A successful Heal check or another action that heals any number of hit points will revive the character immediately.

Attribute Changes – Attributes will work as normal in the game, with the exception of Wisdom and Charisma. Charisma is not only the force of a character’s personality, it is also a measure of willpower and internal fortitude. A character’s Will Save is defined by their Charisma. Wisdom is not only a measure of a character’s perception, it is the chief attribute for a Sorcerer who must sense the arcane energies in the world in order to use their spells.

Equipment – Most equipment is available (although sometimes at elevated prices), but as the setting of the world is somewhat equivalent 13th Century Europe, certain weapons that do not fit with the setting (the rapier, siangham, nunchaku, etc) are not available. Additionally, none of the Alchmeist Supplies listed in the core rules are readily available.

New Feats – New Feats for character generation and later use.

Prestige Classes – Advanced classes available for characters who meet the prereqs.

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