For as long as most can remember, the world has been shrouded in a haze – a curtain the sages say was thrown up during the time of the Forsaking that made navigation at a distance and even stargazing difficult if not impossible. But in the last ten years, the haze has dramatically fallen away from the sky, improving views at a distance and the clarity of the stars

The world has 2 moons: Mahine and Celene. Mahine is yellow (sometimes shifting to white) and changes on a 30 day period. Celene is blue (the shade changes over its period), and cycles over 18 days. The calendar (in all civilized parts of the world) is arranged on the cycle of the moons. The year is arranged in 12 months of 30 days each, tied directly to the cycle of Mahine – the moon is full on the 30th of each month. The old calendar uses the old Umbrian scheme for naming the months, most kingdoms adhere to this tradition. There are eight conjunctions a year where the moons are full or new at the same time – those dates are major festivals in most places.

Festival Date Type
Darkest Night Feb 15 New
First Plow Mar 30 Full
Furrow Close May 15 New
Midsummer Jun 30 Full
First Harvest Aug 15 New
Last Harvest Sep 30 Full
Full Frost Nov 15 New
New Year Dec 30 Full

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